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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Heart attack and vine or trust but verify...

I haven't felt well since a week ago Monday. I had vertigo for a couple days that laid me up and then just felt generally poor. 

I started taking my blood pressure and was freaked out by abnormally high readings on my Omron home monitor. Thought that perhaps I was buying the farm. Spiking about seventy points higher than normal. 


I called my cardiologist and her nurses instructed me to start logging my b.p. twice a day for a week and to come in today for an echo and ultrasound and some other tests. I had two readings over 190 this week, freakishly high for me.  Morning reads were considerably higher than evening reads, which really confused me.

Just six weeks ago my regular doctor took a reading of 125 over 75 so I was, seriously concerned that something very serious was amiss.

For the hell of it, I brought my blood pressure monitor with me today and asked that it be checked and calibrated.

With a sigh of relief I can tell you that it is actually reading about twenty points high. I am still spiking somewhat but do not believe I am in any danger zone now. They put people with 190 in the hospital. She read 137 in the office.

I am still waiting to hear from the doctor but am, to put it mildly, very relieved. Don't trust your home b.p. monitor. Mine nearly gave me a heart attack.


Sanoguy said...

The lower BP number is probably more important than the upper number…the upper number can be easily effected by what you are going through at a given time…. The lower number is what is going on in your system on an on going basis… my understanding, is that when the lower number exceeds 90, you have a problem….

The Phantom Knows said...

Glad I read this because after a week of monitoring with home unit I was staring to get concern averaging 140 / 85. Thinking I might bring that BP monitor in for a ‘check-up’.