Egret and crab

Wednesday, December 27, 2023


So I have a question and would love some input. And I don't need any smarmy suggestions from the vegans here. Vegetables have feelings too, you know?

I want to try my new Chef I.Q. meat thermometer in some roasts and I can't really afford a prime rib roast or ribeye. What lesser cuts of meat do you suggest for rare roast beef?  I don't want to slow cook here, I want 115° plus carryover time. Rare and red.

I have asked a couple friends and heard tri-tip, eye of round and bottom round. What else? Chuck eye? Sirloin tip? Something else? Is there a cheap but wonderful cut out there that will do the job?

Please let me know what you have had good luck with? The consensus seems to be tri tip at present. I tend to like rib eyes better than filet mignon, flavor and marbling over tenderness. But I am open to suggestions.


Blue Heron said...

Happy New Year Don Roberto! Tri Tip if you want to save money, get it untrimmed and you trim off the fat. The extra work is worth it!
Hasta El Nuevo Ano!😉👍🥂


Blue Heron said...

Try a flank steak. Marinate it overnight in teriyaki sauce and grill 7 minutes on a side. 14 minutes should be rare to med rare.
Slice against the grain after a 10 min rest.


Jeff Nichols said...

I'm a big fan of coulotte steak, AKA top sirloin cap. I've made it a few times and it's very good.


Ken Seals said...

You left skirt off the diagram. :-)

Blue Heron said...

Real cows don't wear skirts, Ken.