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Saturday, December 16, 2023

Slowish Saturday

Not a lot to catch up on. 

As I get older my toenails somehow get farther and farther away, not to mention uglier and uglier.  They are so thick you could use a chainsaw.

I decided to take remedial measures yesterday and had a pedicure.

No gel.



Lena got this cool gift at her office holiday party last night, Snoop on a stoop.


Terry DeWald sends a cool link.


Millard sent this - Farmer turns cornfield into Trump's mugshot.


Loughlin sends a pic of a coyote lounging on the 11th hole of the Olympic Club.


The great basketball player George McGinnis has passed on to the fullcourt in the sky.

One of the greatest physical specimens I ever saw on the court.

I was lucky enough to see him play many times.


Barry shared a cute holiday story with me the other day.

When he was a young boy in Cleveland his grandfather took it upon himself to teach him about sex one day.

"Barry, when your grandmother and I lay down at night, what do you think we do?"

Young Barry was befuddled.

"Well, let me tell you, we don't lay there like latkes."

End of story.


Chargers just imploded. Again. Fired the coach and G.M.

Once my football team, I have no love remaining and don't see any way to right their ship without changing the ownership and maybe finding a way to play in Snapdragon Stadium.

Fire the owner.


AI depictions of people in every state.

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