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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Lady Justice

I have been following the Kate Cox abortion case with sad interest. The Texas Supreme Court ruled against her and she left the state to obtain an abortion for her fetus, which has a fatal birth defect. Texas doctors are in a real conundrum, they are faced with either medical malpractice or prosecution in these types of matters. It is a no win situation for them as well as the expectant women involved.

I have heard several people refer to the Texas Supreme Court as nine men but I did some checking and that is not true. There are three women on the Court as well, all Republicans, mind you.

Senior Justice Debra Lehrmann, endorsed by Alliance for Life

Justice Jane Bland

Justice Rebeca Huddle, endorsed by Alliance for Life

I hope that the women of Texas hold them accountable some day. Or that they might be faced with a similar issue and finally learn empathy.

Postscript - Not sure if you can get through the paywall but Cynthia Allen at the Fort Worth Star Telegram thinks that the problem is that American women aren't willing to suffer enough.

...Pregnancy is a beautiful and wholly natural state of being. Even in ideal circumstances, it is not without complexity and risk. Tolerance for acceptable risk is what’s truly at the heart of the case involving Cox and her challenge to the Texas abortion statute...Why risk the prospect of losing your fertility for a dead child, or worse, a profoundly disabled one? Our society would seem to agree with that assessment. That may seem stark, an overly harsh condemnation of Cox’s decision-making process, which I have little doubt was difficult and fraught. It isn’t meant to be. Cox is a product of the culture in which we all live — one that wants to avoid suffering and exert maximum control over our individual circumstances. It’s no coincidence that opioid addiction has reached pandemic levels. ...It’s no surprise that most of today’s social movements are framed around the primacy of the individual, our rights and autonomy. But suffering is part of life. It’s most assuredly part of motherhood. The notion that we, as mothers, have agency over the circumstances of our pregnancies, births and even our children, is pure folly. We don’t. We’re just along for the ride. Our calling is to carry our children through it....But the pro-life movement doesn’t’ have a political problem; it has a cultural one. Until we transform our collective view of suffering and sacrifice, our notion of life and love, we will never win. We will all continue to suffer.

Is this not the worst type of self righteous moralizing?

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