I don't think I have ever shared this uncropped original photograph before. Low resolution but still effective. I like how the tail curls around the girder.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You're Gestating my Zygote - Paul Anka

The most chauvinistic, inane, cheesy, misogynist song ever written. You're the cutest little incubator a man could ever wish for...

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grumpy said...

he did it his way...not really, though: Paul was in his Elton mode here, notice the synth intro, sounds just like the lead-in to "Daniel"(which is my favorite Elton song, but that's another story)...the female voice (havin' his baby) sounds disturbingly like Carole King (probably just a CK sound-alike)...i love the hat and the sideburns...all the adjectives you use to describe this song are spot-on, though...i'd love to hear Neil Diamond sing this..