red tailed lockdown, early morning

Monday, December 15, 2008

Metal and Chrome

my first attempt at an imovie slideshow of my car photographs - resolution ain't great but you hopefully get the message.

Next stop - video!


NYSTAN said...

rule number one.....don't crap on your audience. Figure it out and then edit and then edit again and THEN, maybe, then you can post it.
This is the basic reason blogging does not work, at least as far as I am concerned....nobody knows how to edit and so you end up with this type of debacle. There are some nice photos here, but none of us are STEIGLITZ, who spent his whole life editing!
love ya bobbo...keep shooting. I just bought the new canon 100mm macro...have not tried it out yet except on some paintings this weekend...but haven't gone in for the extreme close ups yet.
more later, Stan S in NYC

Blue Heron said...

It stays for one day then, Stan and I pull it. That bad? Amazing how the compression destroys the native resolution.

Anonymous said...

Roberto, NYSTAN has the edge on you Nikon guys because he uses a Canon!!! SCHADENFREUDE!