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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Epic Guitars

My friends know that I have a passion for beautiful handcrafted guitars.  I have put a really nice collection together over the years.  Now I am happy to announce that a friend of mine has opened  a new high end boutique guitar store in Carlsbad, Epic Guitars.  This fabulous shop is nestled in a quiet area of State Street, surrounded by small surf shops.

Serious guitar collectors will know Kevin Kinnear. He ran the high end guitar sales for Buffalo Brothers for years before branching out on his own. A woodworker and guitar player himself, he has sold more high end acoustics than anybody in the business. He is also a fine surf photographer with longtime roots in the Southern California scene.

Epic is filled with amazing guitars - Goodall, Ehlers, R.Taylor, Collings, Kohno.  I saw a really nice Froggy Bottom when I was there, and they are all made out of incredible exotic woods.  Koa, Brazilian and Indian Rosewood, Macassar, Mahogany, Highly figured Bearclaw Spruce.  Some of these guitars are new, some very gently used.  

Kevin has just put his sign up and his shingle out.  I don't think his website is finished yet at epicguitars.com.  Stop by and check him out. A very nice guy who will fix you up with something wonderful.  A handmade instrument constructed with the finest materials and peerless workmanship that will only get better with age and will give you joy throughout your lifetime.

Epic Guitars
2656 State Street
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 730-0022


Anonymous said...

Awesome Guitars - good luck, Kevin!

grumpy said...

so cool, somehow i missed this post before, thanks for putting it up...i can't wait to check it out on my next trek to the beach, and will spread the word...