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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My friend Bill (who tilts a little bit to the right and is a very smart guy) sent this over today.

Gov. Blagojevich is an unwrapped gift to us all!

Isn’t he a manifestation of how our government of “career politicians” really works? Not as forthright perhaps but indirectly the same. Our government has not worked for the best interest of the people for a long time because it works for special interests. While not so blatant as the good Governor, our so called legitimate Govt. is still packaged influence for sale.

Businesses such as UAW, GM, Citi Group, Freddie Mac …..all contribute to a campaign because they are investing in influence. Citizens contribute large amounts and become Ambassadors or receive great appointments to other jobs for which they qualified primarily as a function of their contribution, influence, etc.

Blagojevich just laid it out in plain sight. Our legislatures are effectively based on the premise that you get what you pay for but because of the way it’s packaged, you aren’t quite able to see it. And we are acting as if we have been betrayed by this monster from Ill. I think not. He has merely unwrapped the way the Legislature and much of our Govt. functions indirectly.

Aren’t we in need of a fresh look at our system and can thank the Governor for forcing us to recognize the elephant in the room? Term limits and no lobbying would be a beginning.

I don't know if term limits are the answer - remember the russian judge in the olympics a few decades ago who gave his athletes the top three scores in gymnastics when everyone else had them starting at like number 64? He knew he had the sweet dacha deal for life...If the payoff is big enough people will manage to screw things up really good in a single term. And it takes so long to get the lay of the land in government. Lugar, Leahy, Hamilton, Rudman - do we really want to shed Congress of all the experience? But I have to agree that the lobbying laws are a joke.

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