Saturday, December 20, 2008

Excuse me while I kiss the sky.

Let's be clear. The host and staff at the Blue Heron Blast do not encourage the use of nor extoll the virtues of any illegal drugs, including mind-numbing hallucinogens. That is, unless you are in a controlled psychiatric hospital setting, surrounded by a team of Harvard trained ethnobotanists/psychotherapists and several swarthy attendants in white lab coats, with large syringes of potent animal tranquilizer at the ready.

But we must tip our cap at yesterday's passing of a baseball legend, the Pittsburgh Pirates' Dock Ellis (Ellis, D.), who managed to throw a no-hitter against San Diego in 1970 while under the influence of LSD. The control that this must have required is literally mind boggling, most people in similar circumstances being content to just lay down in the grass and do minute inspections for tiny flowers and insects somewhere in center field.

This Ruthian achievement will rank up there with the Babe's called shot and Dimmagio's streak and we wish him a hearty happy trails in the great hereafter.

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