Sixteen seconds, Swamis Beach

Sunday, December 28, 2008

birds eye view

Our friend Jim took us up today in his Cessna. Jim is a longtime pilot, commercial turned corporate. This is one of his fun planes. It was a great time and a clear day. You can see our ranch in the middle of the shot with the fringe of the Santa Margarita River in the bottom corner, look closely and you see two tall redwoods sticking up. The last rains really helped green everything up. Snow on all the surrounding peaks. Amazing how many ponds and lakes are around that you never see from the ground. Thanks to all who made last night's party a success. I got to bed around 3:30 and now it's clean up time. Thanks, Jim!


Anonymous said...

As part of a deal cut with the Fallbrook District Attorney's office Rob now has a job as a weed spotter for the DEA.
Don't laugh! Robt. got his sentence reduced to 2 years as a aero survailance expert.

Blue Heron said...

surveillance, stoner...