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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Janis Joplin - To love somebody

Has any one else ever sang with this much heart and power?


Anonymous said...

I love her version. I used to play it when I wanted to cry.
I saw Janis in 1969 at a rock festival outside Dallas, Texas. Led Zeppelin was there also. They made up for the swarm of locusts, heat, and anger of the local businesses for all these young people descending on their town and behaving badly.

A Nun in Mass

Blue Heron said...

I knew that you would like it. I left Texas in 1968 and it was an amazing time. People don't realize how the Texas psychedelic scene predated the Bay Area but I had a turned on older sister and a hip mom and got a good dose of strange. Saw intense rock and roll at Hemisphere - actually don't remember who but they were very hard -- Elevators, bubble puppy, watchband, Mysterians - what a hoot. The cool thing that my sister and her friends would do was make zots - wind saran like dry cleaning bags around hangars real tight - hang them from the ceiling , light them and they would drip onto a pie tin and the whole symphony would be done under a strobe light. I think my lifelong psychedelic obsession was set during these early magic episodes.

Anonymous said...

We use to make zots! There were little black smoke marks on the ceilings all over town. We also rigged up dry-cleaning bags with hangers and candles on the porch. The heat would fill the bag and then it would float off into the sky to possibly burn down a house. What was great then--
I felt NO GUILT.

Anonymous said...

zots u b sik.......