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Monday, December 22, 2008

Blogger's Choice?

I just ran across the Bloggers Choice website at www.bloggerschoiceawards.com and was really piqued. Nary a single mention of the Blast, the obvious best read on the freaking net. I won't pander, if this is the gratitude I deserve, fine, I can dish out guilt with the best jewish mother you ever met. See if you ever need anything from me again. p-f-f-f-t.

Actually I am not sure how legit this site is - does it smell right to you?  Do I want more notoriety? More readers to kick around?  Should I start pushing this thing? Are my narcissistic, competitive juices starting to flow?  You bet they are...Vote early and often.

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Anonymous said...

Send your votes to Bloggers Choice attn: John Walters.