Peregrine flight

Monday, May 11, 2009

My wild fifties

As I mentioned a few posts ago, my wife Leslie is helping a friend drive cross country (in a little car with two dogs). So I get to assert my independence this week. Now I'm not exactly physically or emotionally capable of chasing women at the present time, so that's out. Those who know me will verify that I've never been a big drinker short of an occasional nip of a great cabernet sauvignon, anyway the doctor said no alcohol or coffee so ixnay to that as well.

It doesn't really leave all that much. Too uncoordinated for a Harley Davidson and can you imagine how dirty it would get on my road? Ditto the red corvette.

So my one real homage to my inner James Dean/Marlon Brando wild one came to me in a flash this morning. I will leave my hair trimmings in the sink after shaving this week. If I can stand it. Ooh boy, living free on the edge. Miss her and can't wait for her to get home.

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