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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sotomayor visits Townhall

President Obama has picked his first Supreme Court nominee, Sandra Sotomayor. I have quickly reviewed some of her major cases and her opinions do not seem all that radical.  She ruled against abortion rights groups in regards to federal policy that prohibited foreign organizations that received federal funds from performing abortions and against environmentalists in regards to weighing cost benefit analysis to minimize environmental impact.

Obama has laid out a perfect chess gambit. Opposing her will alienate the hispanic population that the Republicans need to rebuild their faltering base.

I went to Townhall.com, a conservative website, to see what the base is thinking right now. It's not pretty.  Here are a few selections:

Why nominate someone so liberal? Why go for the gut punch: someone who actively flaunts the Constitution every chance she gets, someone who is such a minority elitist that she probably lacks "empathy" for anyone unfortunate enough to be "white" or "caucasian." 

Sontomayor is someone who aspires to an elected political office, not an office charged with the interpretation of laws. She wants to make policy, not judge it.
She wants to actively help minorities, not all Americans.

White People
To all the white people who voted for Obama because it was an easy way to feel noble:

The chickens are coming home to roost. Obama still has another 7 and 1/2 years to pick more Supreme Court Justices. (Ginsburg is probably next).

Expect more "diversity" judges with a thinly veiled hatred of white people who believe in open borders and never ending affirmative action.

 Ed Wallis writes:   Tuesday, May, 26, 2009 1:00 PM
MY: the Axelrod TROLLS are out today!
..."fear" of "losing" the Latino vote. Rubbish!

...no mention of the blatant racism compared to...let's see, how about the Left's..."macaca"-mania. Hypocrisy!

Throw this animal back onto Obama's Farm, where some animals clearly ARE "more equal" than others.

 Cuban Pete writes:   Tuesday, May, 26, 2009 11:42 AM
The statement shows her to be...
...a racist, sexist witch. If Justice Scalia had made the same statement reversing the ethnicities and sexes, these same lefty sycophantic trolls who are here deflecting by denouncing the opposition would have been hootin' and hollerin' and organizing all kinds of protests and lynch mobs trying to oust the perpetrator.

Once again, lefty lib uber-hypocrisy is on the march. Heil the lefty leadership.

Mickey writes: Tuesday, May, 26, 2009 11:30 AM
BORK the cow!!
To save America, this pinko cow has to be, "BORKED"!!

Mickey writes: Tuesday, May, 26, 2009 10:58 AM
No doubt remains now....
When G.W. Bush nominated Harriet Meyers for SCOTUS, I thought it proved he was either as dumb as the left wing pinkos claimed, or he simply harbored no respect for the office. The later being something I suspected since the day he claimed to be a, "compassionate" conservative.

Given this WISH I'D BEEN BORN WITH A SCROTUM nomination being offered by this 50%-Amerifrican NObama, proves what us real Americans have long been pointing out about exactly how anti-American he truly is.....

Now we all know, anyone who continues to support NObamaElMessiah beyond this point shouts to all exactly how un-American they also are.

For any of you continuing to maintain your liplock on NObama's manhood beyond this point prove to all exactly how much you enjoy watching this neo-Marxist wiping his stinky poop chute with the very parchment our Constitution was penned on. 

 Mickey writes:   Tuesday, May, 26, 2009 10:25 AM
What percent-American is she??
All this argument amounts to, is her open admission of the fact she'll wipe her smelly broad butt with that piece of parchment all those long since dead white guys wrote so many years ago, if it does not suit her fffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllliiinnngggggsss du jour.

Reckon what percent-American this old gal being appointed by our current 50%-Amerifrican living in the White House might be?? It would appear she is a 33%-American at best.

She Should have gone to Carlos'School Of Law and Barber Shop !

Ronna writes:Tuesday, May, 26, 2009 1:00 PM
Everything about Obama is brash
as being obsessed with appeasing the Europeans; apologizing to them for America's way of doing things, Bowing to the Muslims in more ways than one, ie physically bowing to King Abdulah as though he were his (Obama's) king, his lord and master. It's an afront to most God fearing, Constitution defending Americans. This country was founded on Judeo Christian beliefs but he wouldn't know about that, or more to the point, couldn't care less because he is a MUSLIM at heart and that will soon make itself clear.

How the hell does he get off saying America is not a Christian nation? Just because he's not a Christian does not mean the majority of the rest of this country isn't. And to prove he is unchristian we see him appoint a very liberal, unchristian woman to the Supreme Court to help him carry out his evil plan of Socialism, soon to be full blown COMMUNISM by helping to overturn court cases which might have any morality to them, as all liberals failed to ever learn the meaning of the word!

Under Obama, (because Bush is gone now, remember) and the ball is in Obama's court, it's his to kill or cure. But under him jobs are disappearing, homes are being lost, taxes are increasing,, people are hurting in general, & he says everyone must sacrifice, but none of the slimy cretins in Washington (including him) are sacrificing are they? Pelosi - the she devil of the 21st century works 3 days per week at best & takes a boeing 747 back and forth from Washington to San Francisco along with her full staff of goons, costing the taxpayers millions each year. Lawmakers give themselves enormous raises at will, failed companies execs were given astronomical bonuses for screwing the rest of us out of our hard earned money. Obama did not initiate that corrupt policy but does promote it while screwing the working class.

Scary stuff. Now, these are some of the tamer and more learned comments.  There were some real misogynist and racist doozies that got expunged this morning. Too embarrassing, too revealing of the actual mental state of the constituency. Some vile references to sodomites and latina vaginas. Interesting to see the anti woman, anti minority hatred bubble so quickly to the surface in your new Republican Party.  

Once again, I get the feeling that there are true genetic, cognitive differences between the two camps. And apparently it might come down to syntax and spelling.

  Tuesday, May, 26, 2009 1:20 PM
Liberal Arrogance
@ johninoregon:

It is funny to me how liberals love to point out the spelling errors of conservative posters. Recently, I posted on nymag.com and I had some minor grammar errors. Not because I do not know the English language well enough, but rather do to myself rushing in order to post my comment. I was harshly criticized as a result. I noticed johninoregon did the same in criticizing Jillian Bandes. To this I say the following: Grow Up!

All this does is validate the fact that liberals strongly believe that they are more intelligent then the rest of us ultimately showing a great deal of arrogance! Also, pointing out another’s error just for the sake of embarrassing them or trying to get one up on them shows how mean spirited liberals truly are!!!


 vicky writes:   Tuesday, May, 26, 2009 1:56 PM
Andoni,petty minds look for accidents
If we post enough, all will forget to dot the i and cross the t etc,. I often rush to post, often get tired, often forget a spelling but this isn't an english correctness, spelling bee contest, Ha. Who cares, I sometimes post my mistake for clarity or to beat the trouble maker to the punch, Ha! There is enough to observe and get caught up in without worrying how someone doesn't blog perfectly. It's what they 'say' that is worthy of comment! Get over the nit picking, Ha!

Ha. So this is my take, liberals are mostly liberal arts, social sciences types, reading books and trying to poke their noses in where they don't belong, trying to fix the ills of society. Conservatives on the other hand might have majored in business administration, are pretty happy with how the game is currently rigged, they're busy working and paying taxes to support the welfare state and spelling and grammar will just have to take a back seat.  The posters are generally correct, conservatives can't spell!  At the risk of sounding smarmy, I won't comment on the intelligence issue.


Sanoguy said...

I would say unbelievable, that is the right wing comments, but it really is so believable. We have become so polarized it is sad. I only hope that Ms. Sotomayor's confirmation can go forward with a bit less vitriol than it appears may now be present.

Anonymous said...

Why do you dance around the fact that the conservatives are just plain imbeciles?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you didn't call them stupid! Why reprint vile hateful words? It was my hope that the new presidency would mend the polarity between parties, and Obama has been trying hard to do so. To fight the right's anger by throwing spelling errors back at them seems so non-productive.

I hope Sotomayor's confirmation goes smoothly. Unfortunately, there are so many people out who think of all latinas and latinos as "illegal aliens" (a term you still insist on using) that an uproar about her was a given.


Blue Heron said...

So Cr, now you are a champion for the mentally challenged and the grammatically impaired??? HeHeHe. I won't challenge you on my use of the words illegal aliens - you might call my bluff- what words shall I use for those people that are in our country without legal standing?

I posted this because the bile on the Townhall website is so thick and venal and the arguments are so...well, stupid, damn, I said it again...

Anonymous said...

You forgot to capitalize the R.

Illegal immigrant
Undocumented worker
Too PC?

I see no reason to propagate hatred by repeating what is vile.


Blue Heron said...

Know thine opponent or enemy?