Saturday, May 2, 2009

Republicans barnstorming at Little Caesars

It is with sad regret that I must tell you how bad things are going for the GOP right now. The Republican leaders have just embarked on a nationwide tour of pizza parlors to drum up support for the once proud party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. Yes, you read right, Pizza Parlors. Read about it here.

If you happen to venture into your favorite pizza parlor for a slice and a root beer and see a bunch of bitter old white dudes wearing ties and french cuffs weeping and stamping the floor, please use utmost caution. Don't confront them and for god sake don't challenge their deluded rambling. Back away slowly, smile and then run for your car. Your lunch is probably shot anyway. Gag reflex and all.

Mitt Romney says that they are actually revolutionaries running against the new Democratic Monarchy. With a straight face. Like Robin Hood and his Merry Men hiding out in Sherwood Forest until the return of the true king.  Except they are at Dominos insteadI think it probably means that Americans can actually sense bullshit when they hear it and see it.  People don't believe what you are selling, Mitt.  Dress it up any way you want to.

Tea bags one week and pizza the next! What will those crazy cats think of next?

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