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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Timewave Zero

It has been an interesting few weeks from a mental health standpoint. Some great clients brought me back from the abyss - business has been near brisk. Found out that I have been suffering from a bout of adult asthma, tested most of the day yesterday at Scripps La Jolla.  No wonder I have no energy. Felt like I was on the edge of a great depression this morning but pulled back from the brink.

If all goes well and I have a minimal tour of jury duty Monday, I am planning to travel to Death Valley to take pictures of Zabriskie Point next week. Haven't had a photo trip in a long time and will meet Kerry out there. Having an opening for the photo show at Brandon Gallery this Friday at 4:00.

Had an interesting conversation with my friend Sheebz last week during our afternoon at the beach. We were talking about Terence McKenna and the whole timewave zero discussion. You know, the Mayan Long Count Calendar ends on September 21, 2012 and it spells either doom or deliverance, depending on whom you believe, for the sorry people of earth. Some people I actually respect have bought into the notion that by some confluence of predestined forces, our final ticket on home planet earth is about to be punched.

Now we won't know until September 22, 2012 will we?  I will reserve judgement but tend to disbelieve anything where the science is so shoddy. But with all the spare nuclear material floating around out there and a lot of bad blood between all dee people's - well maybe getting to September will be a stretch? No, that's fatalistic.

I hear there is a great book out now about the people who believe in doomsday scenarios and what happens to them the day after their world is supposed to end.  I would think that they would sheepishly slink off the mountain top but understand that their faith is usually deepened by the experience. Go figure.

Anyhow, I am coming into my 52nd year and I have previously mentioned my trepidation with the occurrence. Sheila and I talked about self fulfilling prophecies and I casually turned to her (we were walking south on the sand) and said "When I go, a plane is going to drop right out of the sky and land on me." No sooner had the words left my mouth than a biplane silently popped out of a cloud, 30 feet above the water and came aiming straight towards us.  Neither of us have ever seen a plane fly so low on top of the ocean.  We looked at each other in wonder and started laughing. Tragedy narrowly averted.