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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Invisible Man

I have apparently been expunged from Facebook. I failed in all of my log in attempts today, getting some very strange site messages. I managed to find a back door in through someone else's connection and found that all of my links had vaporized. All my "friends" seemed to be doing quite well.

Now just because I am paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get me. I have pushed the envelope past the normal, twenty word revelation to the world that I just passed gas or picked my teeth. I have thrown my voice in with some people who have taken a pretty public stand on marijuana. Horrors. I have admitted associating with known members of the communist party. Just kidding about that last one. I have unabashedly recited bad beatnik poetry. I have defamed god and country. I have written in complete sentences. I have refrained from using lol and other infernal contrivances.

I don't know that I will attempt to get back on the site. Some of my "friends" are frankly, well, dweebs. There is a definite reason we don't hang out in real life. As a hardcore blogger, the vapidity and superficiality of the medium is a bit embarrassing. I don't like the tests or quizzes and am proud to say that I never gave the Facebook team an opportunity to riffle through my address book.

So hasta la vista Facebook - don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. If I have run afoul of the blue meanies, I will wear it like a badge of honor. I will miss a couple folks who don't read the blog but will get over it with time and therapy.  So bring on the bamboo shoots and the waterboards you bastards. I don't like your face anyway.

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Bri Schlemmer said...

I think that I may be wondering WHY? did I join Facebook? A friend (a real one that I do spend time with when we are in the same time zone) insisted that it would be the best way to keep up with one another. Now I have a list of "Friend Requests" from people I would never spend time with in real life. Do they know it when I click "ignore"? People from old corporate jobs that I didn't like at the time "Friend" me. And I don't care what you ate for dinner. Also, old boyfriends think it's fun to post "remember whens" or worse, "look at who I'm f****ng this week". Worse still, the people who owe me money and 'poke' me or send me virtual drinks in the middle of the workday.

Question is Robert, did someone report you or your subject matter and they pulled down your profile?

Blue Heron said...

I really don't know why I got pulled. I was never vulgar but maybe my thoughts are to some people?

Let's have a real drink - screw the virtual bullshit.

Did you like my logo for the filmfestival? Leslie hates it, I like it. Haven't shown it to them. Got tired of last year's deal.

Anonymous said...

its totally a badge of honor to be booted by FB, I dont go on enough or care enough to offend anyone and get booted, but i would love too. It is lame and the contests are amazingly inane. Food fight, What GD song are you ? (I was Sugar Magnolia !), someone threw a pie at me, etc etc. Lame, but still I am glad to have found a few old old friends like you and to see many of them still have no life. (They post thngs like: I am going to the bathroom now and every detail of everyday !)