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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bravo George Will!

Bravo George Will. And retired General Charles Krulak. They have bravely issued a call for our country to leave Afghanistan. The Iraq and Afghani Wars have placed our country on the poverty line, with no hope of a real cessation of violence or evidence of much chance of peace between the three warring tribes in Iraq or between a Taliban that still resonates with much of the population in Afghanistan.
To repeat our Iraqi attempts at nation building and pacification in Afghanistan is equally foolhardy and could be an LBJ moment for the Obama presidency.
There don't seem to be many good guys in the script. The defense minister is heavily linked to the Opium trade. Our proxy, Karzai, is tied to massive illegal vote rigging in the recent election.
Our great ally, Pakistan lets the Taliban operate with impunity from it's territory. Pakistani security operatives have deep connections to the most virulent Islamic groups.
The friendly governments we have installed continue to treat their women barbarically. Sharia denies schooling for girls and punishes victims who are raped or may choose to deny islam. There are so many unknowns in regards to our middle east expeditions, and nothing that looks very certain except for more bloodshed. Oh and you can bet that we will find a way to screw the Kurds, that is always a given.
We lost a great many fine souls in 9/11. It was a horrific act of evil. We have killed exponentially more numbers of people, including many thousands of innocent civilians in return. The sooner we get out of the middle east, the sooner it can find stasis. Let the Shia and Sunni have their final battle royale. We don't belong in the middle of another region's religious war. We give our own victims of the war on terrorism no honor in engaging in an intractable conflict without an end in sight. (thanks, shawn) Let's try to save Cleveland or Detroit and not worry about Bagdhad or Kabul for a moment. Or Tel Aviv. I've a feeling they can take care of themselves.
Will, in his recent call for our abandoning our war in Afghanistan, has sent his conservative cronies like Kagen and Kristol into a bit of apoplexy. And it is rare for me to ever agree with him. But this time I think he's right.

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