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Saturday, September 12, 2009

San Diego's Finest.

San Diego police pull medical marijuana patient Paul Cody out of his wheelchair and into the squad car.

San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has been getting a lot of negative publicity lately. Liberals and lesbians were upset when she failed to upbraid the deputy who forced himself into a gay couple's home during the Francine Busby fundraiser and manhandled one of the residents. The Sheriff's Association is p.o.'d because she failed to charge the woman.

There have been a string of very iffy officer involved shootings during her tenure, not surprisingly, none of the law enforcement officers were ever charged with any malfeasance. 

The D.A.'s office has been under fire for their  recent very publicized raids against medical marijuana patients and their care providers. The fellow in the video is a wheelchair bound practicing buddhist. Now I didn't title the video and I am not sure that it rises to the level of brutality.  But I wonder if the cops knew the nature of his malady before they yanked him out of the wheelchair.  If you had a spinal injury, it could be very damaging to get treated like that.

The District Attorney just can't deal with the fact that Proposition 215 has been the law in California for the last 13 years, can't shake her opposition to the evil weed, can't accept the will of the people.

After a flood of negative commentary, she has even shut her Facebook page off to comments.

This week she may have made a calculated move to repair her image.  In football mad San Diego, she may have found her constituency, Charger fans. She has decided not to bring charges against linebacker Shawn Merriman.  The guy who has had his share of trouble and allegedly abused his girlfriend, one Tila Tequila.  Now I don't know what really happened between them, all I know is that Daddy told me never to date a girl named after a cocktail, and I have tried to live my life like that.

Football fans probably have more juice than a bunch of sick potheads. Very smart.

Yesterday, D.A. spokesman Paul Levikow was asked in what way law enforcement had tried to educate dispensaries as to what would constitute proper compliance with the law and his smarmy reaction was telling. 

"I don't think that (law enforcement) sat down and said "This is how you sell dope." "I don't think that conversation was had." 

Levikow's reaction is at least honest and more indicative of the true attitude of the DA's office than the prevaricating, mealy mouth Dumanis.  They hate marijuana, have fought it for years and aren't about to let the people of California, the action of the rest of the county governments in California, or anyone else for that matter stand in their way. (even if you are in a wheelchair.)

The DA is trying to do damage control on the political front.  They are on a new media blitz talking about supposed rampant crime and lawlessness around dispensaries.  I have visited 5 or 6 in the county and saw none of that.  Well groomed, innocuous establishments, with no loitering.  Much less attendant hassles than your average local liquor store.  But they are trying to ratchet up their case by exploiting the fears of seeing dark men in trench coats selling weed to the children down at the elementary school.

I thought Mike Aguirre was the worst District Attorney San Diego County ever had.  Dumanis is determined to give him a run for his money.

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Anonymous said...

Great quote from Santa Cruz Former Mayor Emily Reilly:

"It’s just absolutely loathsome to me that federal money, energy and staff time would be used to harass people like this,"

I DO NOT support these raids.