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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Enough already

Former Bush speechwriter Matt Latimer is out with a new book that apparently divulges offhand comments President Bush privately made about some popular figures. It makes references to Hillary's "fat keister" and disparages Sarah Palin among other people.

All I can say is that this guy should be taken out to the woodshed and spanked. The job of a president is hard enough without having to guard your every offhand comment to subordinates for fear of it getting published in some tell all book or rag.

If any of us had the level of scrutiny that any president is put through, we would all be doing hard time at some penal colony or cutting out paper dolls at the sanitarium.  Latimer has broached a fundamental trust here.

I think that Bush has been a model of propriety since the election in keeping any negative comments about his successor to a minimum, unlike Dick Cheney, who won't shut up.  Laura had some nice things to say about Obama during the "reading to schoolchildren" spat as well.

That's it! Nuff' said.

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Anonymous said...

Let's forgive all the bad things Bush did in his 8 years of tyranny and kiss his private citizen ass.