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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


No one said that the transition to first class author (or auteur to the cognoscenti) would be easy. After a little more than a thousand blog posts delivering scads of priceless pearls off mon keyboard, I thought I would write a few short stories and see how it felt. I admit that the results have been a bit spotty, who amongst us has sprouted up like Venus out of her mollusk shell fully formed? I have been trying something different and (shudder) having fun.

I have received some very nasty comments from some blog readers and close associates. ( I purposefully disabled my blog comment function during my literary metamorphosis.) How dare I change my style, my blunt sarcasm is missed, what's with the pulp fiction?, why not go to work for some men's adventure magazine, etc., etc.? Good questions, my response is simple. If you find the blog objectionable, don't read it. I have been tempted to pull the plug anyway but my more narcissistic side says it should be preserved as a literary artifact.

It's interesting and challenging to try to speak in a different voice. Drink up if it is your, how do you say it in english...cup of tea. And please, Tu me casses les couilles.*

*Don't be busting my balls.


Sanoguy said...

Keep it coming, Roberto!!! Give 'em hell as someone once said!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bob are you crazy?.....Mr. Dylan you're not actually going out on stage with an electric guitar? You are a folkie, people will have a hard time accepting you as a rocker........

Arnold Snoid (moments before he ingested cyanide in protest)

wave_man said...

Fly your freak flag high brother!