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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Buteo jamaicensis

As I drove out of the valley early this morning I saw two of the three juvenile red tailed hawks sitting on a dead branch about twenty or thirty yards from the nest.

A moment later the third hawk, who I was starting to worry about, flew out of a distant branch back to the safety of the home sycamore.

They have gotten so beautiful and matured so quickly. I have not seen their parents for several days, perhaps nature's way of teaching her wild children to quickly fend for their selves.


shawnintland said...

Spectacular shots Rob! How about putting them up full size on another linked page?

Anonymous said...

That is stunning.

MC. said...

Great work, Mr. S. Are we about to lose you to National Geographic?

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

Outstanding shots!!

Anonymous said...

Great Shots!!! I really envy you for these. Using the D300?
Ken and Lauren in Vienna

Blue Heron said...

No, still knocking around with my crummy old camera. Will start playing with the 300 next week. Hope that you are having a great time over there. Best to Lauren.

Anonymous said...


Wow! What an image--


Anonymous said...

what were your settings?


Blue Heron said...

1/250th of a second at f5.6 - ISO 1600, 300mm

Anonymous said...

that is so sharp....you can touch the feathers....you have a great nack for nature.

Anonymous said...

Great shot!!!! Gorgeous bird!!! Mike

Anonymous said...

super duper, dude.