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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vroom, vroom.

I got a chuckle reading the newspaper yesterday. Apparently BMW has put noise dampers on the powerful new M5 and its 560 horsepower, twin-scroll, twin-turbocharged V-8  engine.

To compensate they are piping prerecorded engine noise into the cab so that the alpha adolescents who require such a power steed can still feel like the baddest ass on the block. This simulated noise corresponds with the rpm and speed that you are driving, ostensibly so that you don't have to do anything so bourgeois as to actually roll down the window.

What happened to the old days when all it took was a few playing cards in the spokes? Kids and their toys...


Anonymous said...

I am going to get me one of those! black M5 guaranteed to make one's smeckel longer!


Anonymous said...

Vrooomm! Hard to believe!! But, I think I will enjoy it!! Ha!