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Friday, May 11, 2012

Golden State Gestapo

California Department of Fish and Game stormtroopers are at it again. Removing stuffed animals that have sat on a shelf in a bar for over fifty years. Thanks to reader Brent for sending this over.

Another State Fish and Game story in the local paper today. Lindy O'Leary, a Poway area doctor, had to surrender the birds that she had rescued and was rehabilitating at her Wildlife Center of San Diego to authorities yesterday. If Fish and Game, who had concerns about her program, can not find homes for the raptors they will of course euthanize them, like they did after the last seizure in 2004. Sounds a bit screwy to me but what do I know?

"Veterinarian Jeffrey Jenkins, who has known O’Leary for about 20 years through his practice, the Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital in San Diego, knows first hand the medical condition of the birds O’Leary has cared for because he has provided avian checkups to the birds in her care, he said.
“Her animals have never been sick, except during the time they were taken by Fish and Game, when some of them died in the agency’s facility,” Jenkins said.
He added, “She just wants the animals to live out their lives in a place (the Wildlife Center in Poway) where they are comfortable.”

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