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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sake House

We had thrown around a few ideas for our anniversary dinner. Pampelmousse, 333, a few other places. My great pal Lena asked,"Why not try Sake House? That's where I would go. But get there at five. It's tiny and always packed and you will never get a seat if you get there late. Very hip."

We took Lena's advice and got there just as they were opening the doors. Sake House is not a sushi bar, think little japanese tapas and whole lot of sake. Located now in Hillcrest in addition to the six year tenure at 1246 N. Coast Highway in Encinitas this place was everything that she had promised and more. I illustrate with funky cell phone pictures.

Our great server Yuka, taught us the ropes about the dining experience at Sake House. Osaka street food style cuisine. Showed us to drink from both sides of the overflowing sake glass, a method that promised us future abundance.

I started with string beans in sesame paste. Leslie had seaweed salad. Both good, she scoffed at the idea that mine had any paste at all and I asked her to mind her own culinary business. I was liking it anyway.

We got a taster flight with three cups of the finest of the three grades of sake. All very flavorful and different, licorice gave way to melon. Yuka heard us talking about Hokkaido, the cool northern province that we wish to travel to one day and gave a cup from the region gratis. We also drank a cup from Hyogo prefecture, where one of my favorite mythical detectives, Inspector Otani, hails from.

We first ordered potato croquets with shrimp, quite wonderful, a new textural discovery on the first bite!

Next we ordered a takoyaki, a deep fried octopus ball with bonita flakes shimmering and dancing on the hot edges of the molten orb. Fantastic as well.

We followed that course with a broiled cod plate with kyoto miso that was delectable and had a nice piece of gobo on top..

Our sakes were Kan Chiku, flowery and smooth. Kame tsuru, with flavors of anise. Kubota Hekiju, Osaka Ja, all Jinmai Dai Ginjo, or the finest cut.

We also tried a lesser sake, Tsuru Kamen nigata, only fair. Tai satsu, from Hokkaido, named big snow, luscious and smooth.

We finished the meal, utterly happy and satisfied with a red bean mochi dessert. If we can, we are going back next week with friends. Lots more to discover!

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