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Thursday, May 17, 2012

fecund and dangerous

What's the deal with the run on cops going after pregnant women? This hit the news last week, SS looking cop with a history of violent conduct kicks late term pregnant woman in the stomach.

Today I saw this one where the cops taser a woman three times for going 32 mph in a school zone. Rather old news, cops won the brutality case but they want to now take it to the supreme court. This cop tackled a pregnant woman in a hospital for running a red light.

I am not a psychiatrist, I just play one on the computer, but wonder about the roots of the misogyny evident in these cases. Do men that hate women enough to kick them in the stomach seek out positions of authority so that they can get their kicks banging on defenseless females? Is it not unbelievable that they are so often backed up by their superior officers?

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