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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

LG Lucid, the L stands for lemon

Have you ever noticed how in general, customer service just stinks these days? Let me introduce you to my own version of Verizon hell.

The story starts when I dropped my original droid April 2, shattering the glass. My fault. I would have continued to use the darned thing but didn't want to get cut so I took a trip to the local Verizon store. I was looking for a reliable phone with a small footprint and the lady at the Via Rancho Escondido location told me that I would be better off with the new LG Lucid than the iphone 4s I had been contemplating purchasing.

This was a new model that I believe had been released the last week of March and I was sold. Small package and 4g to boot. A very nice man there named Oscar helped me synch all my contacts and get me rolling. Unfortunately within five minutes of plugging it in to the car the battery got exceedingly hot and a message flashed that due to excessive heat it was entering shutdown mode. A half an hour later I returned the phone which Oscar deemed defective. Not an auspicious start but hey, things happen.

I get a new LG Lucid and it seems okay. I notice a few sniggling little problems. Bad microphone, terrible audibility and less signal reception than even my old dinosaur, the original droid. That's okay, I will deal. I also notice that battery life quickly becomes nonexistent, even worse than the old motorola. You get two weeks to return the phone on the locked in contract and I gave it serious consideration but didn't.

Four days later the second phone goes down with its own battery/port problems. Can't be fixed. I asked them to change me out to the iphone 4s, after all this is two failures in 19 days. No can do, they tell me.

"Why didn't you bring it back four days ago?" the girl asked.

"Uh, because it broke yesterday."

My attempts at logical discourse failed to fire. The fact that they were selling a defective instrument that had broken down twice in less than three weeks didn't fire the faintest cognitive spark in their noggins. Can't trade you out, we will mail you yet another one soon. Great. You would think that they might consider actully testing these instruments before rushing them to market but what do I know?

I bit my lip at their attitude and asked to speak to a superior or at least to get an email address so that I could write a letter to a person at an executive level to tell them what I thought about the quality of their technology. Sorry sir, not feasible, call customer service and try to get the manager of a manager of a manager of a manager. This is Google style customer service and unfortunately the way that things are going these days. Either get on a chat board and have other incompetent people equally if not dumber than myself try to solve a technological problem or talk to some tech brahmin in New Delhi that you can't understand.

I get an email from Verizon that my phone could be picked up this week from Escondido. I returned from San Francisco monday night and drove down to the store today. And it was shackled. The store had been closed down, no forwarding address. Went out for a pack of smokes and never came back.

There was a sign for a San Marcos location. I called the number. "You got my phone?" They said no, it probably went to Carmel Valley. I was really getting steamed by this point and called the customer service number and vented and received the evaluation survey when I was not exactly in the best of moods.

I got a representative on the phone and let them have it. No credibility or accountability either for that matter. And no crappy phone replacement either. Might be in the vacated store's mailbox, they would try to get me another one next week.

Now I had driven forty minutes each way in traffic from Fallbrook, losing gas money and time. Why couldn't they have just sent an email saying hey, the store is now closed down. I was told that was an automated message, humans don't get involved in such common courtesies. Glad I didn't drive to San Marcos or Carmel Valley. Guy said that there was no chance that I could change to an iphone, apple wouldn't let them. I am pretty much stuck with a phone that breaks down and dies, at least for the next two years or until I get fed up enough to pony up the gelt needed to change to a competitor.

You might remember my last Verizon rant, the one where they put insurance payments on my phone without telling me, charges that I had specifically declined. They would only refund three months of my overcharges, said I should have read my bill better. I started wondering if Verizon was a con man operation. Fellow in Carlsbad gave me a third line upgrade and without my knowledge or complicity said I was a veteran and now I can't get my deceased mother's line off my bill.

I could and would go to ATT but I would be hit with a whopper of early termination fees and equipment charges. So they have me right where they want me, delivering crappy technology that repeatedly breaks down, larcenously overcharging me for services that I sufficiently declined and not having the decency to let me even know that they had moved.


I can't do much. I am only one guy. They obviously could care less about the quality of their products and service. But I can tell all of you who have even given a glimmer of thought to buying an LG Lucid not to do it. Save yourself the trouble. It is a piece of crap. The battery will overheat and fail. And Verizon will do nothing about it. Can't wait to get phone number three. Anybody want to take the over on how long it lasts?

I would love to get some responses with your own Verizon and LG horror stories. I know that you must have quite a few of your own.
Bad phone, caveat emptor!


Sanoguy said...

I have had Verizon for a number of years. I currently have a Samsung partly-smart phone. I just use it for calls and some texting. It works OK except it has a habit of shutting down when I am not using it and I have to open the back and remove / replace the battery. That re-boots it, I guess. It also has a few other quirks which are a bit bothersome but not enough to start over with something else.

As to Verizon, I really have had no problems with them. Fingers are now crossed!

I also pretty much hate dealing with the tech issues. I become rapidly over my head. My particular phone is simple enough that it does not cause me the agonizing tech probs.

Anonymous said...

Glad I did not take your advice on the LG Lucidfer.

MC. said...

Karon just got her 1st iPhone and loves it. I'm moving at a slower pace and use the jPhone. (Jitterbug). No problems on either account.

Michael Stutz said...

You are a Mac man, what made you go to the other side?
iPhone's and Mac stuff just work. AT&T voice sounds like crap, 4G means much faster data usage. Like it or not the iPhone is the standard for ease and apps. The camera on the 4s is good too. My iPhone, iPad, apple tv, MacBook, iPod, and powermac all play very nice together.
Verizon is pushing anything but Iphone to get people onto
It's 4G network to free up 3G space. Verizon isn't bad , but some of its employees are. It's all kinda wild west in the communications industry.

mikeM247 said...

Ugh! Now i DON"T KNOW if my previous comment went thru or not, because now that i'm logged IN, I don't see it. At any rate VERY DISAPPOINTED in the Lucid, it basically SUCKS on many levels, as far as i'm concerned: signal strength, battery life, texting, auto-updating my GMAIL account...it's ALL HORRIBLE, compared to my late, lamented, STOLEN, Blackberry. The sales guy at Verizon lied to me about this phone, plain and simple. I'll be attending a Verizon workshop on the phone on Monday, and they BETTER have explanations for all this, or i want OFF this phone! :((

rogo said...

The LG Lucid is the worse Verizon phone I have had. The radio is apparently poor quality (or maybe there's no antenna). We have 4G service where I live but I'm not able to use data on 4G or 3G very often, unless I'm in the Verizon store. The cell reception is equally bad. I previously had a Motorola DroidX that worked way better than this lemon until the Droid's screen went blank. I wanted a small phone and this was the smallest they had in the Android lineup. Other issues are extremely poor battery life, overheating, does not reliably receive POP3 email and the screen blanks out at random; eg, when trying to end a call. I would be glad to pay the difference for iPhone 4S but Verizon says no and if I want to terminate service there's a $320 fee (I've had the phone 3 months). This, btw, is in spite of the fact that according to Verizon's own list of "Advanced Devices" that incur the $350 early termination fee, this phone is NOT listed. Their termination for phones that are not Advanced Devices is $175. These problems are not unique to my particular LG Lucid. My wife has one and her aunt has one and both have the same problems. Sadly Small Claims Court may be the only answer.

mikeM247 said...

rogo, i couldn't agree with you MORE, which is why I went back to my Verizon store as quickly as I could, and exchanged the Lucid for a Droid Razr Maxx. I just barely got there in time to do the free exchange, minus the "re-stocking fee", which i think was 30 bucks(?). The Maxx isn't perfect by any stretch, it has some very annoying quirks, but it is STILL FAR SUPERIOR to the Lucid.

Unknown said...

I got the Lucid last week after breaking my Droid Charge (slight anger management problem). Any ways, other than a few minor quirks my only complaint is the overheating battery and its lack of life. Whether I'm using the phone or charging phone it gets hot as hell. My first night it shut off and the lighted keys at the bottom just flashed for an hour, no warning, no error message. I'm returning it tomorrow cuz i don't feel like having the same problem you did.

Anonymous said...

On my second Lucid in 24 hours. Same issues--overheating and now it is decreasing in batter charge when I plug it in. They gave me a fully charged battery to try and I did--within three hours it needed a charge. So this will be my fourth trip to verizon in 36 hours. So far they have been helpful, I am worried about tomrrow!

Anonymous said...

I found this article because I'm having so many issues with this damn phone...same as above and more. Taking it back tomorrow now that I've read this, thank you. And, for the record, I've had the same crappy, inept and occasionally downright dishonest customer service from VZW :-(

Anonymous said...

I just got the lucid after having the droid incredible. What a mistake. this is the slowest phone ever. it takes at least 3 minutes to load a page. its so annoying.

Gray said...

Had the bloody (no, I'm not British, I just love the word) since august. The day I got it, I debated for two freaking hours whether or not to choose the iPhone 4S or this thing. My parents, sister, brother-in-law and boyfriend all had the 4S so I was familiar with what it was capable of doing. So I went with this bloody thing because I thought, "Let me give this a shot first and if I don't like it after a week, I'll return it. I don't know what it's like and I want to try it out." Week 1 passed and I liked it so far. It was a little slow and the battery was kinda sucky but it was expected. It's my first smartphone. Week 2 passed and it was still OK for the most part. And then it decided to say, "Oh wonderful! Two weeks have passed! Now she's stuck with me for two years and can't do a bloody about it! I'm gonna turn off on her while she's on the phone with her boyfriend and not turn on when her mother is desperately trying to call her!" -.- Now I AM stuck with the bloody phone until I'm in college. I swear it mocks me in my sleep.

Anonymous said...

I had the droid pro, compared to my problems with that, the lucid is BETTER to me, on a 3g family share network, i'm using most of the family data, but i pay for it, it doesn't really bother me,Get a battery pack for the charger problems, or bring your home charger, everywhere, it says slow charging if you don't use original charger, or get a charger specifically for that phone, theres also apps to increase battery power that work pretty well. ;)

Andy Marquis said...

I currently have a broken LG Lucid which I'm very seriously considering not replacing and just downgrading to an iPhone 4S. I've been using smartphones and PDA devices for a long time - Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile. This was the first Android phone - bought it because most of my friends have Android phones and like them.

Needless to say I'm beyond pissed off now. Was before I broke the phone. I love Verizon 4G LTE but the poor battery life of the LG Lucid negates any positives of Android or LTE.

KNR said...

I too, have a tale of woe about the LG Lucid. I pride myself in making relatively good decisions when it comes to choosing phones. I read reviews, watch unpacking videos, play with the display model, and ask around. This time, when my New Every 2 (or whatever it's called now) was up, I decided to replace my Incredible with the Lucid. No homework, no interviewing. I was simply sold based on the price for a 4G phone. Huge mistake, THe phone overheats (even when it is not in use), I've gotten an error 1000 (huh?), the screen freezes, voice-to-text has all but stopped working properly, and when I try to use voice dial, it dials whatever number it darn-well pleases. I've already replaced the battery twice, before I was told by Verizon staff that my problems were from the number of game apps I have on the phone. I have 10 games and barely use them. After going to Verizon at least 4 - 5 times, they are now shipping me a new phone (not a new battery). Fortunately, I am eligible for an upgrade soon. I guess you do get what you pay for!

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one having problems with this phone, but I guess not! We should have a class action! I too debated for two hours and the people at the Verizon store kept insisting on it telling me that it had JUST came out and that it was way better than the iphone and htc...and here I am now stuck with this sucky phone, it does everything that you guys have described above. it also has two dark grey lines on the screen when I open my gallery. It just makes me sooo mad that I let myself get conned into this!

Unknown said...

Weird. I had the original Lucid for a year, and aside from the crappy battery life, it performed flawlessly until i dropped it in water. I'm on the Lucid 2 now, and still pretty happy with it.

Anonymous said...

My god I have been having issues
Since I got this phone over 100 hours on the phone with Verizon helpless service and 12 visits to Verizon stores and it still not fixed. This sucks Bill Hammerstone souderton pa.