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Monday, May 21, 2012


Wheels, first variation

I got up at two in the morning Saturday night and drove to the Long Beach Flea Market to help my friend Kim. Her husband Pat tore his ACL and she needed a hand.

I had to pick up a few paintings anyway so it all worked out rather perfectly. Got a chance to see some of my old peeps. kibbitz with my pal, eat her really good egg salad and stretch my muscles a bit. Hot as hell, thermometer in the car said 97 on the way home.

Les and I cut our teeth on the hot pavement of Veterans Stadium  and on the rare occasion that I go up there it is like some old home week. Selling at the market, down and dirty, primal as it comes. You don't sell maybe you don't eat so good for a weekend or two. Get em next time.

Anyway I saw a lot of old friends, both vendors and buyers, all a part of the same crazy obsession, god bless them! All chasing the great score.

I like to take photographs at Long Beach. Have taken quite a few over the years. Very visually rich. It was so freaking hot yesterday, I didn't take too many and missed a couple gimmees but managed to snap a couple interesting people. The sweet little girl is Isabella.

An interesting hat is important. Alas, I did not have one.
Some people just love to pose.


Kim said...

Thank you so much Robert!!
You are a MENSCH !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...