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Friday, May 25, 2012

Music, music, music

Timothy Leary, Mystic Arts © Bill Ogden
Busy week, picked up one of the most amazing estates I have ever handled. Gay designer from Houston with Alzheimers, poor guy. Gallery now filled to the brim with male interest bronzes, some really great material. Bob Dylan's birthday yesterday, thank you Grumpy, he is a spry one hundred and seven. Alan Seymour's too, not nearly as old as Zimmy. He just stopped by on his way to see California Painter Bill Ogden with the very Ogden painting featured in the new issue of Surfer's Journal. Fleet of birds shat on my van in a massive organized attack this morning. Car show sunday. A big thank you and shout out to Randy Walters, for sending me a new copy of Alberto Manguel's A History of Reading.

Yesterday I was carrying packing blankets in when a blanket corner caught a painting, which caught another painting which fell over onto a lamp, which came crashing down to the floor, but not before grabbing my prize 1981 mint, koa Taylor guitar with the florentine cutaway and the extra wide neck, my favorite guitar and sending it hurtling to the floor two feet down. I stared at the fruits of my infamy, dumbfounded and couldn't even look at the carnage for several minutes. What is done is done. I picked it up, waiting to see the snapped neck and puncture wounds and there's not a scratch on it. Miraculous. Forget that atheism stuff. I'm a believer.

Stan sent this over:

Check this out!

Right now:
Listening to Chris Whitley (and going to see his daughter Trixie next week…talented people.)
but here's the thing. I needed to upgrade my sound system.
So I bought a 25 year old Yamaha Class A, 100 WPC….holy crap
EBAY.  70 bucks plus shipping….a steal.

I also picked up an immaculate Carver 900 yesterday from an architect. It is in showroom condition.  That was 125 and worth 250 in this kind of condition.
I have a wonderful pair of Infinity bookshelf speakers with double suspended woofers. I got them from Janis Ian as a gift in 1979.

So am looking forward to re-listening to all my favorite music for the next ten or fifteen years or until my hearing goes away!

It's all good.


1)  Elvis Presley    2)  Roy Orbison    3)  Beatles    4)  Abba    5)  Bee Gees    6)  Michael Jackson    7)  John Lennon    8) Celine Dion    9)  Frank Sinatra  10)  Creedence Clearwater Revival  11)  Julio Iglesias  12)  Queen  13) Neil Diamond  14)  Paul Mccartney  15)  Rolling Stones  16)  Pink Floyd  17)  Bruce Springsteen  18)  Elton John  19) U2  20)  George Harrison  21)  Cliff Richard  22)  Tina Turner  23)  Bob Marley  24)  Andrea Bocelli  25)  Dire Straits  26)  Barbra Streisand  27)  Eagles  28)  Madonna  29)  Simon & Garfunkel  30)  Ac/Dc  31)  Bob Dylan  32) Dean Martin  33)  Andr? Hazes  34)  Tom Jones  35)  Eric Clapton  36)  John Denver  37)  Eros Ramazzotti  38) Deep Purple  39)  Led Zeppelin  40)  Rod Stewart  41)  Status Quo  42)  Louis Armstrong  43)  Fleetwood Mac  44) Bryan Adams  45)  Jimi Hendrix  46) Barry White  47)  Nat King Cole  48)  Santana  49)  Michael Buble  50)  Gipsy Kings  51)  David Bowie  52)  Adriano Celentano  53)  Robbie Williams  54)  Charles Aznavour  55)  Metallica  56) Doors  57)  Shakira  58)  Beach Boys  59) Cat Stevens  60)  Bon Jovi  61)  Ub40  62)  Joe Cocker  63)  Whitney Houston  64)  Phil Collins  65)  Enrique Iglesias  66) Ricky Martin  67)  Ray Charles  68)  K3  69)  Zz Top  70)  Van Morrison  71)  Ringo Starr  72)  Stevie Wonder  73)  Gloria Estefan  74)  Supertramp  75)  Jethro Tull  76)  Black Sabbath  77)  Marco Borsato  78)  Guns N? Roses  79)  Neil Young  80)  Chuck Berry  81)  Billy Joel  82)  Sting  83) Kinks  84)  R.e.m.  85)  Laura Pausini  86)  Genesis  87)  Who  88) Monkees  89)  Animals  90)  Simple Minds  91) Prince  92)  Aretha Franklin  93)  B.b. King  94)  Iron Maiden  95)  Pearl Jam  96)  Christina Aguilera  97)  Alice Cooper  98)  Depeche Mode  99)  Nirvana100)  Gary Moore  Top 70 Songs:  1) Always On My Mind - Elvis Presley   2)  Fernando - Abba   3)  Dancing Queen - Abba   4)  Oh Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison   5)  Spanish Eyes - Elvis Presley   6)  Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Elvis Presley   7)  Chiquitita - Abba   8) Massachusetts - Bee Gees   9) Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley 10)  Imagine - John Len non 11)  Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley 12)  California Blue - Roy Orbison 13)  My Way - Elvis Presley 14)  Billie Jean - Michael Jackson 15)  In Dreams - Roy Orbison 16)  Blue Bayou - Roy Orbison 17)  Only The Lonely - Roy Orbison 18)  I Have A Dream - Abba 19)  Yesterday - Beatles 20) Mamma Mia - Abba 21)  Thriller - Michael Jackson 22)  Amazing Grace - Elvis Presley 23) Unchained Melody - Roy Orbison 24)  Can?t Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley 25)  Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley 26) Ave Maria - Celine Dion 27)  And I Love You So - Elvis Presley 28)  Blue Moon - Elvis Presley 29)  Hey Jude - Beatles 30)  I Started A Joke- Bee Gees 31)  My Way - Frank Sinatra 32)  Hotel California - Eagles 33)  A Big Hunk O? Love - Elvis Presley 34) Bridge Over Troubled Water  Elvis Presley 35)  The Winner Takes It All - Abba 36)  Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival 37)  Ben - Michael Jackson 38)  Waterloo - Abba 39)  Stayin? Alive - Bee Gees 40) Words - Bee Gees 41)  How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees 42)  Crying - Roy Orbison 43)  Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley 44) Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley 45)  Beat It - Michael Jackson 46)  A Day In The Life - Beatles 47)  Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen 48)  Let It Be - Beatles 49)  Only You - Roy Orbison 50)  Sweet Caroline - Roy Orbison 51)  A Hard Day?s Night - Beatles 52)  Bad - Michael Jackson 53)  Earth Song - Michael Jackson 54)  Woman - John Len non 55) Imagine (live) - John Len non 56)  Heal The World - Michael Jackson 57)  Stand By Me - John Len non 58) Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond 59)  O Sole Mio - Andrea Bocelli 60)  Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel 61)  Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson 62)  Strangers In The Night - Frank Sinatra 63)  Black Or White - Michael Jackson 64) Only You - John Len non 65)  My Sweet Lord - George Harrison 66)  What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong 67)  24 Horas - Julio Iglesias 68)  Everybody Loves Somebody - Dean Martin 69)  I Just Can?t Stop Lovin You - Michael Jackson 70)  Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

Dave in Japan sent over this must read from Rumpus, Steven Almond's incredible column, this week in greed.
Incredible early photos courtesy of Hudg - Atlantic.

HoboBeans brought over her mayan calendar ragnarok/armageddon/rapture end of the world compliance stickers. Nice. Fungusamongus 12/21/12, a very interesting number.


Sanoguy said...

I just read the Surfer's Journal article on Ogden. Interesting guy.The main painting shown in the article reminded me of a HDR photo. A bit over done for me.

Blue Heron said...

That painting was in my gallery this morning. I owned two great Ogden's burnt up in a fire at Bob Teague's house. One was a Frazetta style woman riding a brontosaurus (my idea). The other was an oil of mermaids riding seahorses down a tube. Quite beautiful, I miss it. He is an old friend and sometime teacher of my buddy, the artist Lance Jost.

Sanoguy said...

Is it still there?? What do you think of that particular painting??? Overdone.... or is it just my taste???

Blue Heron said...

I am more open to people doing things in their own individual way. I accept it for how it was presented and the uniqueness of his vision. It is sadly gone, but is going to be back hanging at the surf museum. (I think. Alan?)

MC. said...

At the risk of coming across as self-absorbed, my birthday this year falls on 12/12/12. Are the Mayans suggesting I'm totally screwed?!