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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stringing non sequiturs

This will be a slow spill.

Evangelical divorce rate leads nation.

Great story of kitchen violence from Helen McHargue.

Don't hang rubber testicles from your rear view mirror in this part of town, son.

China’s state TV claims the Philippines is part of China.

Bravo to Al Franken for calling out the Justice Department and requesting information on cell phone gps data obtained that was obtained without a legal warrant.

War on the infidels. Time to bomb mecca?

Kudos to Howard Stern for his comments regarding the timidity of our president on the gay marriage issue. Being a vice president is a godawful thankless job. I applaud Joe Biden for getting off the fence and speaking from his heart. It is a shame that our equivocator in chief was forced to take a stand by his cabinet rather than doing the right thing of his own volition. Calculating to the point of nausea. Mitt of course we now find doing his best lord of the flies impression in high school, nothing says fun in America like beating up a gay guy and cutting off his hair. I sure miss the old days, don't you? Mitt doesn't even want to recognize something so decent as civil unions, guaranteeing the most basic right of survivorship. The new dark ages.

I have had readers tell me that they want to know what is happening with my ebay rant. Should I put it back up and keep you informed or was the harsh robert just too much to take?

The new blogger interface is terrible. I switched back to the old today and it was so easy. Everything lined up in front of you. Soon they will kill the old one and I will be forced to use the crappy new one.

New phone next week. They are trading me in for a bionic. Won't swap for an iphone 4gs because of some apple agreement. bummer.

Leslie follows the world much better than I obviously do. She pointed out yesterday that the stop light on Mission and Ammunition has a green left turn, a forward and then another green left turn signal before traffic goes in the opposite direction. never have seen that before. Marine traffic.

Ate at the wonderful Bayside restaurant in Newport Beach for lunch. ´'s favorite. I had a salad, great bread and then venison medallions with caramelized pear in demi. ´had very fresh tartare and baby quail that tasted like fois gras. Incredible. I pulled the silver dodge into a minyan of black power cars.  Got to have a black car up there.

Stop the presses. Mayans now say that the world won't end.


MMWB said...

OK, we've now seem more research on Mitt Romney's time in high school than has even been published about BHO's time at the private and very expensive Punahou on Oahu or any of the other schools he attended. Why hasn't anyone researched how much dope he was using at that time? Where did he get the money, who supplied it, etc?

Where is the research into who his friends were, what his grades were, how he got into the colleges he attended, (it wasn't his gpa) and what courses he took and what were his results?

What about all the tremendous good Romney has done to help those in need in MA? Those who know him in Belmont talk about him paying off student loans for people who were struggling, fixing the car of an older widow he visited on a regular basis, etc. His charitable donations have relieved hunger, provided shelter and eased the burdens of those suffering. There is simply no equal coming from BHO.

As for the evolving position,nonsense. He needed to revive a part of his base that was withholding money and time from the campaign. And that has taken the spotlight from the economy. This is the theme of his campaign and it will be played out time and again as he has done previously. Divide, attack and pander. So much for hope and change.

Blue Heron said...

Excellent riposte as usual from you masked man. I think we mostly agree on Obama, although his pot smoking past has been widely plumbed. I point out the Mitt attack because several of his classmates say that they were bothered by his brutality.

We all do stupid things when we are kids but bullying is like hurting small animals, it throws out danger signs about character.

I will try to give him the benefit of the doubt and just note the activity, which he says that he had forgotten about and apologized for.

My problems are not with his history as much with the anti gay ideology. It really is hard for gay people in long term relationships and marriages to get fair and equal treatment on many fronts.

Anonymous said...

Until the catagory; TIMING is EVERYTHING.
Reality 2012.......Yes, Joe did the right thing but.....
.....Maybe it would of been far more effective to wait until after getting elected to bring social justice to the gay issue than jeopardizing getting elected. As a lame duck president Obama, historically will [would] have been able to bring forth many other laws that needed changing.
I fear that Biden has woke up a sleeping giant [bag of shit] and that many lazy tea farters and ultra right wing conservatives who did not like Romney, or were not going to vote for a Morman now feel compelled to do so. Also I'm sure there are a few machismo homophobes and catholic [thought punished democrats] that now might not vote for Obama because of his stance. Gays have waited 250 years in America for equality, seems to me that Joe could of waited 6 more months to voice his feelings. This would of have been a wiser political move. Even though it was the right thing to do, it will [would] be really sad if the elections are lost over the timing of Biden's comments.

Blue Heron said...

Sometimes you have to take your finger out of your ass or the wind and take a stand. There is something refreshing about leaders who don't calculate all the time and just man up.

Anonymous said...

Like refreshing on a Hawaiian Beach after losing a close race, thinking about Joe shooting his mouth off too soon!
Obama would of done the right thing at the right time.
If he loses you might not see any gay rights for another 8 years.