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Monday, May 28, 2012

Doc Watson

Frank Donadee from Collector Magazine stuck a video camera in my face at Long Beach last sunday and started asking me questions about guitars and guitar players. He wanted to know my favorite guitar player. I immediately blurted out Doc Watson.

Doc Watson is an American legend and institution. I have seen him four times, once with his late son Merle. To see him is to love him from your heart. Pure as the driven snow and an extraordinarily sensitive and soulful musician. A true virtuoso who doesn't need to be flashy and has always remained humble and kind.

Doc is real sick. The 89 year old man had surgery to repair a colon blockage yesterday and reports are that it was a very tough day. I hope that he pulls through okay. I can not imagine a world without him. Feel privileged to have him exist in my lifetime. Thank you Doc.

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