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Monday, January 8, 2018


View from Palomar Mountain

Like many in Southern California, I have been flat on my back with a cold for the last week. No picnic in the best of times, I am pretty freaking miserable when I am sick. Leslie made me matzo ball soup, did all she could for me, just starting to feel better. Poor girl.

I decided to get up and take a drive the day before yesterday, drove up to the east grade of Palomar looking for eagles, than on up to the park. Caught nothing, saw a bald eagle soaring on the windy road up and it seemed a bit out of view and dangerous to stop, so I passed.

Palomar has so many dead trees right now, drought, beetle and drought and beetle, the stressed trees being more susceptible to disease, frankly it looks terrible. Been on a bit of a losing streak with the camera of late. Want to hit Lake Wohlford, Highland Road in Ramona and Lake Cuyamaca when I have more energy and feel better. I am on eagle patrol.

Taking my portents where I get them. Leslie fixed me a pot of tea the other day and showed me a message on the tea bag that cautioned to let it come to you. Sound advice from a tea box, must stop chasing.

I got up from my nap and sat in the yard yesterday and just enjoyed the sights and the sounds of home. Saw a California thrasher from my bathroom window, don't see them that often. Lots of red winged blackbirds too.

A scrub jay wrestling a small acorn.

I caught an acorn woodpecker on a dead oak limb on the way in today, in the dark of a winter morning.

Looks like we are about to see our first rain in over six months. Hallelujah. Not a moment too soon. Bring it.
House finches play overhead toss

There's no place like home, Auntie Em.

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