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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

El Morocco and beyond

I had initially suggested that we drive up to Yosemite this weekend and get some pictures in the snow. Leslie had never been, and come to think of it, neither had I in winter. As an alternate I offered Borrego Springs. Word had come down the pike about a couple owls in several locations along with specific directions to said birds.

When I got home I found out that we were going to Desert Hot Springs, to try a different boutique hotel, The El Morocco. Unlike Casa Del Zorro, the water comes from natural springs there. And we always do what I want to do. And Yosemite is really cold right now and who knows where I put the chains?

Fine. As you all know I am nothing if not a fifty fifty partner. I quickly acquiesced, as I should have. Les had found a good deal, the place was Spa of the year out there last year and why not? Don't we always do what I want to do?

We found our way to the desert by a slightly alternate route and made our way to the hotel, first stopping at Hadley's for a required banana date shake.

We are long time goers to Two Bunch Palms and had stayed at our friend the late Bill Dailey's Hacienda, we checked out the new place.

Nice. Slightly funky but functional. Very cool rooms done in the Moroccan style.

Would I recommend it to people used to the Ritz? No, but we don't know too many of those people. Our friends can hang.

Place was fun. Dates and dried apricots sat awaiting guests in the common room.

Casablanca played 24/7 on a television in the library.

Rooms to accommodate a sultan, or at least a minor potentate.

A little bit like the Hotel Figueroa with the middle eastern flavor.

Pool was nice but at 91º a little cool for my taste. Covered jacuzzi was 104º which also seemed a little brisk. Leslie was out there in the middle of the night, she loves a good soak!

Upstairs was a Swedish style dry sauna with chromatherapy.

Did I mention that we only paid two hundred bucks and that it has full massage and spa services?

Two Bunch Palms is close to three c's now with tax or even more. We did it when the time was right, before the bank took it over but I am afraid those days are gone.

Would I go back again? In a heartbeat. My feet are like wings, sahiba.

El Morocco Inn
Desert Hot Springs Bed and Breakfast Inn and Spa - -  888 288-9905     760-288-2527
66810 4th Street, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

Make sure you have a full king like we had. We met a young couple that had two twin beds pushed together.

Otherwise quite recommended. Food is DHS is notoriously bad, we got take out from five dollar pizza that was actually very good.

Give it a go.

After a morning soak and sauna, we checked out the next day at 11:30 a.m. You really needed two days, we didn't have it. Met some very nice travelers there, said goodbye.

pardon the dirty tram window, I'm not cleaning it!
We then drove over to Palm Springs and took the tram up to San Jacinto. 75º on the bottom, snow up top. Great, fun ride, about twenty three bucks a piece. Lucky I had a spare down jacket in the van.

Walked around Round Valley. Just lovely. Sweetheart was happy. I was happy.

Squirrels were happy.

Everybody was happy.

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Anonymous said...

This place looks very cool thank you for the suggestion. I miss seeing your face my friend. Deli guy