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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Jo Jo White R.I.P.

I was never a big Celtics fan but always admired their team greatly.

Jo Jo White, who died the other day, was a favorite of mine.

White was a perennial all star and his Celtic teams won four championships. He also won a Gold Medal in the 68 Olympics.

Along with Cowens and Havlicek, the team had a lot of moxie and grit.

I was a Knick and Laker fan back then. There were far fewer teams and the talent level was sky high, the competition fierce.

Unseld, Reed, Chamberlain, Lanier, Jabbar, Oscar, it was a glorious time for team basketball.


Anonymous said...

Purposefully leaving out Mr. Clutch, the Logo?? Zeke from Cabin Creek?? What about Elgin??

Blue Heron said...

You're right about Jerry, Elgin had retired by that time. He was more in the time of the Jones boys.