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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Wednesday mostly fails to fire.

I had an appraisal in La Jolla yesterday. When I got out of the car to get my gear I noticed this pretty lesser goldfinch high in the tree above me. I just happened to have a suitable camera in the car and snapped off a shot. I started looking around and quickly figured out that the area, which is near Villa La Jolla Park, is full of beautiful birds and warblers. Lots of tall trees, I mean to revisit soon.

We had dinner reservations several hours in the future and I needed to kill time so I went to the Torrey Pines Reserve to see what I could bag. Lugged the heavy 400mm ƒ2.8 around and its weight just  about killed me. Shot nothing. Skunked. Cost me twenty bucks for the privilege.

Unless you want to count the guy walking to Black's in the pink pussy hat, of course. And the crow or raven in the blogpost below.

I continued on to San Elijo Lagoon, had a little less than a half hour before they locked my car in the lot.


Ouch, what did Van Morrison say, there'll be days like this... Have to be. Wait for the lights to change, Robert. I got in the car and thought about cruising over to VG's donuts for an eclair but it had just closed. Damn. Way things were going.

I scooted up to the restaurant we were all meeting at in Oceanside, Mike and Brian bringing Leslie along. We were going to go to 608 (603?) but they were closed for a private affair so we decided to hit the Flying Pig, which had really good reviews.

The food was mostly very tasty although the pasta bolognese was sort of weak. Apple pear salad, perfect. Mac and cheese delightful. Flatbread, really good. Pork chop, evidently not fully cooked, sat on the throne all night with gastrointestinal meltdown. Fitting end of the day. When Leslie came home she said her tummy was hurting too. Hope our friends are okay.

One of our companions mentioned that it was a seriously gross bathroom in the restaurant and he tried both the mens and womens to make sure, said he would hate to see the kitchen. I thought he was merely being a stickling and ultra fastidious but now know that he was dead on. And that is why I don't think I can ever go back. Food tasty, server great, but all in all, definitely not worth the risk.

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Anonymous said...

As my daughter would say, and as we have adopted in our family vocabulary..."err"
I hope all is well down under.