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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Here and now.

Well howdy folks. A year of Trump in the hopper, for better or worse, depending on your perspective, I guess. Business has been decent, just enough I reckon to keep the wolves from my ankles. My Santa Barbara show for this weekend was cancelled, due to the 101 freeway closure. Heard yesterday that the Pasadena Bustamante show is kaput, gone for good. Maybe all the Buste shows, not sure.

Antique shops are getting as rare as balls on a hen. The shows are slowly disappearing too. Miami Beach, the Baltimore Antique Show, even the once proud lions are starting to fade. New generation just doesn't seem to have their parent's itch for nest feathering. Five years they will all be gone along with all the shops.

I was talking to a guy I know who is a very successful man in the landscape field and he said that the generational malaise is reaching into the garden too. He said the millennial might stick a tree and a plant in the ground and that is it. Little interest or creativity shown, as yet anyway.

Be that as it may, the people who love stuff still love stuff. They are just getting a little older. I saw the neighbor kid the other day, I still think of him as two or three and dang, he is taller than me and driving. Saw Kelly at the store the other day and inquired about her younger one and she said, twenty three, living with a girl in whoknowswhere. You close your eyes and it just spins right by.

I am getting a lot of interesting material in, like the quite large Howard Behrens painting of horses you see on top. A preeminent palette knife painter, this is a really good example of the late artist's work. 34 x 48" plus mat and frame. Would look great in any horseperson's living room. Call me and I'll give you a really good price.

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