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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Light up or leave me alone.

"I wouldn’t do that [using federal authority to shut down recreational marijuana], no … I wouldn’t do that … I think it’s up to the states, yeah. I’m a states person. I think it should be up to the states, absolutely." Donald Trump - 7/29/16
Donald Trump promised that he would respect state's rights positions on marijuana decriminalization. Jeff Sessions promised the same during his confirmation hearings. Guess what? They lied.

Believe it or not, I am pretty agnostic on decriminalization. I don't want to see Budweiser Buds™ or Mike Tyson brand™ ganja, Bill Lockyear's famous purple creeper. The stoner combo at Jack in the Box. Corporate bud basically sucks, although I can come up with a couple exceptions.

This is going to put a whole bunch of gentlemen farmers out of work. Ruin the underground economy. But don't worry all you Humboldt and Mendocino growers, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is going to ride to your rescue and assert the long arm of the law.

Freak Brothers - Gilbert Shelton

As a cancer survivor who has seen so many fellow patients gain the least toxic and most effective regimen of pain relief through the use of marijuana, I have to admit to being disgusted by this last minute pulling out the rug by the Trump administration. A huge plurality of Americans support decriminalization.  One can only hope they remember just who stood in the way.

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