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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Birds of a different feather

White crowned sparrow
I was all set to write some pithy political diatribe but I just couldn't rant this morning. It's pointless.

Our country is like the Hatfield and McCoys, blue and gray has morphed into red and blue in the current iteration of the national uncivil war.

Beyond specific issues and positions, it is simply clan hatred at this point.

Never the twain shall meet.

Orange crowned warbler

It is stupid to focus on POTUS when the reality is that there is such a major disconnect between the 38% of the populous who make up his fervent base and the other camp.

Some of whom are good friends. We just see things in a different way.

So I will stick with the birds, my backyard buddies. All three of these guys were found in the boughs of my redwood tree this Sunday.

Special thanks to ace birder Ken Weaver for helping me with the identifications.

Lincoln's sparrow


Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted by this too. The Republicans showed clearly that they were spineless wimps during the debates as Trump hurled juvenile insults at each of them. He picked them off one by one with the ease of a teenage boy trying to impress his girlfriend at a shooting gallery in Coney Island. We should not be surprised that the House and Senate leaders can't summon the strength to confront this out of control madman no matter how immoral, uninformed, soul-less, and self serving he has proven to be - not just to the majority decent, hard working Americans, but indeed the entire world.

My psyche is taking a hit from this monster. A couple of years ago I had a dream about meeting Chris Matthews. I walked up pub where he was standing at the door waiting for it to open. We went in and sat at the bar, shared a couple of pints and discussed the world on some level...I forget the substance , but that dream made such an impression on me that I told my wife about it when I woke up the next morning. Two nights ago I met Chris Matthews again, in another vivid dream. I was so thrilled, and told him "Chris, I had a dream about meeting you two years ago!". No ales, or pubs in this dream, just relief that that are still good people in this world.

I'm enjoying your images of birds. Sometimes I just stare at them and let the time pass by...until my next dream.

Jon Harwood said...

We have become addicted to the bad reality TV show on both sides of the issues. Cut the cable! Watch the birds and the fine local landscape as it and the birds change each day!

Anonymous said...

I'm cool with the birds part, but "cut the cable"? That's not gonna happen. Two of my favorite shows, "Chopped" and "American Pickers" are on cable. Every bit as important to me as "The Abbott and Costello Show" and "Speed Racer" were after school, when I was a kid. I can't avoid political news shows any more than my parents could avoid "The Lawrence Welk Show". It's just an ugly fact of life.