Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Two minute rundown

Squash study

Using nuclear strikes on countries that engage in cyberhacking just doesn't seem like a very good idea to me. Bit disproportionate. What happens after that?

Height of cynical triangulation plays for the GOP to pit CHIP funding against DACA in the current budget showdown. Nasty people. Trump asked for a bipartisan solution. He got one then ran the other way when confronted by conservatives.

The chemical companies are playing the Trump administration like a fiddle. EPA eases path for new chemicals, raising fears of health hazards


People are rightfully outraged at the Turpins, the parents in Perris who kept their 12 children shackled to their beds. It was definitely heinous and they deserve the fires of hell. Can we save some derision for the matching plaid and the bowl haircuts too?

The latest report on international terrorist suspects being well, mostly foreign, is a total farce. Talk about disingenuous conflation. The link was made to make immigrants look bad. Many of the people were criminals specifically extradited to this country. And domestic terrorists were not even considered in the report.

And Jeff Sessions now says that we don't want illiterate immigrants. Good countries don't take them. My grandfather was illiterate. He ended up learning and making something of himself. I imagine many of the average american's forebears were similarly challenged. Many Americans today are illiterate as well. Trump wants to limit migration to hot looking Scandinavian babes. Hmmm.

Speaking of Scandinavians, Department of Homeland Security head Kirstjen Nielsen wasn't sure if Norwegians were mostly white during her grilling yesterday on Capitol Hill. Please. Unless of course, she lied under oath.

Nielsen was Special Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Senior Director for Prevention, Preparedness, and Response during her tenure in the Bush Administration. Many blame her for what is characterized as a botched response to Katrina, failing to act on several specific warnings.

The other day she admitted that she did not know that 15,000 dreamers have already lost DACA status under the Trump regime.


Anonymous said...

Katrina was not botched, by the Feds. Up to that time it was the single greatest response to a crisis in American history.

What was botched was the response by the Democrats in charge in both New Orleans and the state of Louisiana, an ineffectual motley crew
that left hundreds of school buses drowning when they could have moved thousands of residents out of the city. And then demanded ten times what was necessary as relief aid.

Get your 'alternative' facts straight.

Blue Heron said...

"Even though the National Weather Service correctly forecasted the brunt of the storm, the Bush Administration could not figure out its response, did not understand the magnitude of the damage, and consequently failed to get people to safety. While New Orleans drowned, George Bush went on vacation, Dick Cheney went fly-fishing in Wyoming, and former DHS head Michael Chertoff flew to an avian flu conference in Georgia."

Anonymous said...


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