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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tech talk.

I just had today's project by an insurance company canceled so I am sort of freewheeling through space. It is still raining, I still have a cold and I am still digesting this morning's bad news.

Vlad called to tell me that yesterday's blog was so depressing that he had to start searching for a shot of a bird or two. So here goes.

This shot is strictly illustrative.

It was taken at 8:35 in the morning, under dark skies. ƒ4, iso 3200, 2500th's of a second. Nikon D810, Nikkor 400mm ƒ2.8E  f (for flourite, the high tech front lens element).

I grabbed the camera with the huge lens from the back seat and just snapped. Manual exposure settings with Auto iso.

It is not terrible, sort of has a Japanese aesthetic period thing going for it compositionally.

Barely sharp enough to post but it gets its point across adequately considering it was shot in near darkness.

The point is that if I was using the Sigma 150-600mm C, which I basically can't shoot under ƒ7.1 under any condition at full reach, there would have been no shot at all.

I know, I missed a hawk shot with the other combo in similar light this very morning.

The behemoth (and quite expensive) nikkor 400mm 2.8E fl gives me a chance to grab something in adverse weather and light, to get something salvageable. Would have been better at ƒ2.8 or 3.5 and with a lower shutter speed but these pesky birds move and I honestly didn't check, I think I just grabbed the heavy beast and shot with the previous day's settings.

I am glad I have this lens. There are times when no other lens in the world can touch it. Here's another shot taken with the other rig, Vlad, the Nikon D7200. I dig the natural highlight on the top of the bill. Hope this will make you feel better.


Max Hall said...

The little guy's got a nice kippah...

Blue Heron said...

I'm thinking more bishop or pope...

Max Hall said...

Could be, but definitely not a cardinal 😆

Anonymous said...

There is so much clarity in that wonderful photo...it almost has motion. Yes, that shot makes me instantly feel much better about things.

shawnintland said...

Rob - Oh for a decent camera! As I was reading this post my eye kept catching many wings cavorting in the sky & trees just off my porch. Finally finished enjoying your post and went out to see what all these birds were up to. There are presently a 'flock' of a dozen(which I've never seen before this, usually solitary or perhaps a pair in wide proximity)Indian Rollers wheeling and spinning in the little valley in front of my house...think of Kingfisher blues and expand exponentially! (Look up an image!) Ain't Nature great?