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Saturday, July 21, 2018

And now a note from our sponsor.

I know that the President is making America great again. 

I know because whenever I write anything slightly political Bradford starts writing me notes repeating Maga Maga Maga like we are at a football game and the mantra is going to lead our home team to victory. 

But I just don't like the way Trump is going about it, all this winning. In fact, honestly, I despise the guy. 

Hope Melania gives him a little Lorena Bobbitt special treatment one night soon when she finally wakes up and figures out where he was sticking the salami while she was knocked up.

Yada yada yada, yes, I hate him just as much as you hated Obama, who I wasn't exactly in love with. But Trump has not done a single thing I like, endorse or respect. I know he is a liar and he also may very well be a highly placed Russian mole. Think Kim Philby or better yet, Bill Haydon.

He has a serial aversion to the truth, he is wreaking havoc on both the environment and the farm belt, his judicial appointees are troglodytes and he is hell bent on alienating every ally we have while sucking up to the meanest strongman dictators on the planet. Every closet racist in the country now thinks he or she has carte blanche to act out on the closest gay or minority without the risk of opprobrium. 

Please Jesus, send us the piss tape, stat.

My buddy Jim stopped by today. I love Jim, used to work with him, he moved out of town a year ago. Last time I talked to him on the phone, the normally centrist Republican was going off about evil George Soros and how great Trump and the stock market were doing. I couldn't even respond because the chasm is just too wide now. He had gone way off the deep end. But I guess if you are making money in an economy there is a lot of stuff that you are willing to let slide by. And I am one of those people that pays attention to this stuff.

Today he told me that I should be happy about Trump, and show a bit of occasional optimism. Just can't do it Jim. Sorry. Hope Mueller can put the screws to him before he completely wrecks my country.


Kent said...

Hey brother,
This too will pass..
Basketball season is coming.

Brigitte Schlemmer said...

AGREED! But I had to look up 'opprobrium'. I can't remember reading an English word that I have never heard of. And here I thought I had mastered the language. Now I can use it often and further alienate myself from the cretins who abound. Thanx! -B