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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Asshole Meter

Politics is definitely divisive. I commend all my friends from the other side of the partisan tracks who have had plenty of opportunity to cut me out of the herd and have not. Big old world, room for everybody. Thank you.

On another subject, I don't know about you but I think I am a little bit psychic. Always have been. Or maybe it is not psychic, maybe there is another deeply buried atavistic faculty that we humans innately possess that we just don't have a name for yet. The one where you meet somebody and you know within three seconds that they are a total asshole that you want absolutely nothing to do with. The ol' hair standing on the back of your neck smell check.

You can try it out for yourself, quickly scan the following random faces:

Anyone in this collage that you would want to have anything to do with, let alone be friends with? Anyone you would even want to breathe the same oxygen with? Or even shake their hand?

Definitely not, because let's face it, they all, to a man, look positively deranged. I could tell you what these folks actually do for a living but I don't want to be a spoiler. A hint: none of them to my knowledge are currently incarcerated, one has been pardoned, two, maybe three indicted. Shouldn't be too hard.

But when you do find out what these random people all actually do for work, your initial raw instincts will be positively born out. I guarantee.

I just can't see myself partying with any of these cats. Creep city. Obey your first instincts.

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Not my kind.