Thursday, July 26, 2018

Feathered Friends And Western Landscapes

I have spent the last couple days creating a slideshow for my upcoming photography exhibition in Santa Fe next month. Almost have it finished.

When John Morris broached the idea of me doing a show of my work at his Objects of Art show, he was figuring on all bird photography but I decided to add some western landscape to the mix.

Hope that is okay. Lots of hummingbirds, egrets and falcons in the group.

I really appreciate John's invitation. Hope that he is happy with the final result. Lot there, almost 400 450 shots.

Dave Blackburn has provided the music tracks for the slideshow and although I am admittedly biased, it looks and sounds really good.

The exhibition will run in a constant loop from a television in my booth. Hope that you can visit the show if you are in the area.

After the show I will probably put the mp4 on YouTube and share it here with the Blast community.

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The Phantom Knows said...

That’s a great teaser photo for the show... can’t wait to see the rest!