Puffed up Peregrine

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Happy fourth!

Leslie and I had a nice fourth of July on the coast. I love the fourth, it has always been my favorite holiday.

I love my country, its constitutional principles and the freedom and liberty that the founding fathers envisaged.

Which are under attack.

I hope every fellow citizen will give some consideration to those qualities that have historically made our country unique and wonderful and decide if they are still worth protecting.

We are in a national conversation about who and what we want to be in the future and it is obvious that the question is not yet settled.

Our friend Eileen celebrated her birthday at Lena and Ron's beautiful home yesterday.

Everybody contributed to a big feast. Leslie made risotto.

All the food was very wonderful. We watched the Del Mar fireworks from the top deck afterwards.

Earlier in the day, we scored three packages of our beloved Belgian les pres de sales butter at Gelsons. Paid a bit more for it but not excessively so.

Nothing like hanging with your pals.

Like butter.

Hope everybody had a great day!


Anonymous said...

'We are in a national conversation' only if you are out of power.

The rest of us aren't dialoggin'. We are sitting back in our national BarcaLounger enjoying every day that goes knowing that you whiners
can't stand the thought of someone else having their way.

Sooner or later it will seep in that for the next 6 1/2 years the country will be winning.

You just have take it as your told what to do, just like we did for 8 years.


Blue Heron said...

Figure out the difference between your and you're and we can talk.

Anonymous said...

Kind of a juvenile litmus test Blue. I've seen numerous typos and grammatical errors on this blog, but I still read it and am willing to have a conversation when I have an opinion.

Blue Heron said...

And I pretty much publish every response, no matter how inane they might be. We obviously all define winning very differently. If it means destroying the environment, and pitting Americans against each other and against the entire world, you certainly are.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, all Americans are always in conversation about what and why. I only object to those that think some don't get a say, and it has reached that point. Describing people as whiners and losers when they don't agree with you is, I have to say it, only what losers do.

The hate-filled minds, finally feeling free to say what they really think reveal our basic human animal stupidity, without benefit of second thoughts. And the haters are proud of it!