Saturday, October 27, 2018


The country and world are at a flashpoint. Racial and political differences have been highlighted and used as kindling in the national and international civil war.

Yesterday another person tried to shoot up a black church here in America, failing to open the door, he instead targeted and killed blacks at a supermarket.

In the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting today, I find it perhaps not so coincidental to see how antisemitism is skyrocketing on social media. I read this article at NBC, Attacks on Jewish people rising on Instagram and Twitter, at about five o'clock this morning, prior to the shooting.

Jonathan Albright - Columbia Univ.
Call me naive for thinking that there is a causal relationship between the actions of corrupt politicians like Steve King and the Bannon sycophants calls for a return to white nationalism and these horrible acts of violence.

The ignorant and hateful people who commit these acts are like manchurian candidates waiting for a reason to explode.

Those that manipulate and spread their message of hate them also share morally responsibility for the outcome.

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Jon Harwood said...

My hope: A large moral backlash against the right expressed in the coming election.

My expectation: Modest gains for the left followed by extensive political trench warfare for the next two years.

This country is better than this and I desperately wish that there was more than a hope that some kind of spirituality or morality or just common decency would repel the monstrosity.