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Monday, October 15, 2018

Queens gutter trash


If there is a lasting message in the sad chapter of American history that will be titled Donald Trump, it will be that truth and facts are unimportant.

And the ends always justify the means. Winning takes care of everything.

One has to wonder what this sort of ethical message imparts to children, this loose association with the truth.

Trump doesn't want to kill the Saudi arms deal so he signs on to the ridiculous proposition that it could be a "rogue operation." In this way he gains a bit of cover.

Hieronymus Bosch - Prince of Hell, garden of earthly delights, c.1495-1505
Utterly contemptible human being. With no respect for the truth, whatsoever.

It is like we are in some particularly hideous chamber of Dante's Inferno or Bosch's Hell and forced to confront our worst and most horrid failings as human beings for eternity.

It is getting played out right before our eyes.

Prince of Hell.

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Sanoguy said...

“ Screw winning. Money takes care of everything.” Donald J. Trump