Egret and crab

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Beep beep

I went to church yesterday. I was due.

My holy place is not a temple however, it is a nature preserve. About an hour away.

My teachers are not sages, but the trees, animals and wind.

I always leave feeling better about things.

Beats the hell out of analysis. And they never pass the plate.

I spent three hours at the reserve, talked to two other humans, a guy on a tractor and a nice ranger with the Department of Fish and Game.

Got a lot of good pictures I don't have time to sort through and process right now.

Besides this roadrunner here, I saw many kestrels, seemingly in every tree, harriers, hawks, ibis, coots, ducks and more.

Looking forward to digging into my swag. Gracias, San Jacinto.

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