Wednesday, October 17, 2018

hard rain is gonna fall.

I'm leaving for a show. I wish I had time to write about climate change today but I simply don't. I am going to leave you with a few links if you choose to educate yourself, on both sides of the argument.

This is an earth warming graph, by five reputable scientific groups. My uneducated eye tells me that it is getting significantly warmer on Terra.

Here is the recent IPCC report. Read it yourself and draw your own conclusions. If you are short on time you might try Summary for Policy Makers. 97% of the world's leading scientific bodies are in agreement about man's contribution to global warming and the need to take resolute action.

This is a graph by University of Alabama Huntsville scientist and climate skeptic John Christy, who believes that the human contribution to climate change is overstated and that the models are overly pessimistic.

The organization at the heart of the anti-climate change battle is the Heartland Institute, which favors free market solutions and doubling down on the usage of fossil fuels. This is their website. I believe that they are funded by the Koch brothers, among others.

Doubling down on coal and oil is a bit like stepping on the gas pedal when the car is heading for the cliff. Ice is melting, sea level is rising, insect species are being decimated, severe weather events are increasing exponentially. By all means make it worse. With the lord coming back soon, isn't all this environmentalism silly anyway?

And the economists say that the fixes are too expensive. We need to split some more hairs and count the devils on the head of a pin before we do anything. Zeno's law. Sure the climate changes, it will probably change back.


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