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Monday, November 19, 2018

Moon ring

I don't know if my fellow Fallbrookians got a chance to see the moon display Saturday night but it was pretty epic. I have never seen a larger ring. I yelled at my neighbors to come outside and look and emailed a few friends as well. My clumsy picture does not do it justice but it appeared to take up much of the sky. Blew my mind.

This is my 7777th blog post, not counting the several hundred I have deleted over time. Rolling into the twelfth year, there is not a lot I have not touched on in my blast tenure. If I have learned anything it is that you can not please everybody.

I was talking to a very successful friend the other day who mentioned that many of our mutual clients are put off by my "left" political stance and that it has cost me business. Although I have tried to not ruffle feathers and be accepting of all viewpoints, I believe that to be indeed true.

The very next day a liberal friend said that she thought I had been taking my foot off the gas pedal and was now leaning too conservative.

I really can't win.

After posting pictures of Yellowstone I got this note.

Some people are clearly here for the pictures and hate the politics. I appreciate that. The truth is that I have not had any political metamorphosis whatsoever. What I have had is a desire to seek common, middle ground and to not stay in a permanent state of outrage. I use to write seven blogposts a day pointing out every rotten thing in Denmark but it just got old for me.

I don't have the time or the inclination anymore. And I have said it all before. I think this administration is rotten, worse than the last administration which was also in some ways rotten but not this rotten. My main thrust and area of concern is environmental, I think our current stewardship and land use policies are not in accord with the ultimate health and well being of the planet.

I will continue to raise the environmental alarm on issues that I feel impact our air, earth, water and animals at every opportunity. And also to point out the hypocrisy of an administration that calls for public decorum one day and refers to a congressman as a Schitt the very next. Business be damned. But like the bard said, to thine own self be true. Read me or don't read me, I got to be me. Blast marches on.


Sanoguy said...

Re: rising ocean levels... I have been a regular at the beach at San Onofre for well over 20 years... the beach is smaller than ever. Reduced to 1/2 its width in the last 5 years or so. And this is very close to where the nuclear waste is currently being buried.... The waste storage containers will only be 150 feet or so from the water's edge.

I got a report from some friends who live on Kauai... the fellow has lived there over 30 years. He says the beaches are getting smaller and smaller due to rising sea levels.

Be warned!

Anonymous said...

You and your leftist views! You're up Adam Schitt Creek.☮️

shawnintland said...

Bro, disappointed you didn't recognize the portal and jump when it opened in your neighborhood. Those of us that did are now enjoying life on the other side! Good luck back there!

Anonymous said...

I have been going to san onofre since 60s but don't really see change, all in ones perspective

Wicki said...

Marching with you Robert. Creating what we want to see in our world is the best use of energy right now. Of course I will stand when needed, but reacting to the onslaught of bad acts and hareful, hurtful words is getting old for me too.