Thursday, November 22, 2018

Annual Blast Reader's Photos 2018

Kerry Brown

Burmese Buddha - Ron Holder
pals - Douglas Garn

Dahlia - Kathleen Morgan
The morning after, Thailand - Ricardo Neumann
Sign in Ashville, NC bar - Linda Kohn Sherwood
Roy Cohen
Near Deception Bay - Victoria Roberts
tigre y trastero - Robert Bijou

Hanapepe swinging bridge - Ted Fleming
Pronghorn and meadowlark - Ken Seals
Barney Winter, Fairbanks - Jeff and Gena Barney

Heller's Bend - Jon Harwood

Rust - Kip Peterson
siloette - Lou Nidorf

Noonan's Point aka Swamis - Jerry Hall
Stranded seal, Santa Cruz - Michael Loughlin

Kauai Kows - Drew Cady
Lois Newkirk
Mexican Revolution Day Parade. Los Algodones - Kerry Johnson
Dominic's Italian delicatessen in Boulder Creek California 1978 - Dominic Grossi

Bamboo bridge~ Luang Prabang, Laos - Lena Leichtling

Mike Reardon
James O'Donnell
Your title here - Shawn Mayes

Casey at the keyboard - Jonathan Hill
Fall Colors in Cade’s Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee - Debbie Ramsey
Highlander in front of Caisteal Tioram, Scotland - Pat Campbell

William Warmboe

Fallbrook Library - Noreen Ring
Colorado - Renee O'Brien


Ken Seals said...

Really love the impressionistic look of Debbie Ramsey's photo.

Ken Seals said...

Also love the backlight in Noreen Ring's photo.